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Akashah "Barbarous" first full-lenght album of this barbarian one man band. Pagan metal as its best -> brutal and with might atmosphere. Released by Strong Survive Rec. Pro CD 6.99£ / 10.5E / 30z
Burial Hordes "War revenge and total annihilation" first album of this hellenic worshipers of war and Satan! Totalitarian Black Metal as its best! Released by Asphyxiate Recordings. Pro CD 6.99£ / 10.5E / 33z

Cavaticus "Amentia / Daemonium Inattaminatis Live" Black Metal horde from France. On one tape there is a full demo plus live gig. Tape released by Infernal Kommando Records. Tape with Pro cover 2.5£ / 4E / 10z

Cold Empire "...and the cold arrives" - first demo of italian band which unleash pure depression and pain. Great debut!  Pro CD-R 3.99£ / 5E / 15z

Enoid "Dodssyklus" brutal black metal one man band from Switzerland released by NMB Records. Second album of pure holocaust! Pro CD 6.5£ / 10E / 30z

Forest Of Impaled "Rise And Conquer" last album of this american black/death metal commando! Brutal and fast! Great artwork, released by Red Stream. Pro CD 6.99£ / 10.5E / 32z

Godless Cruelty "Perversion am Kreuz" german black metal with its raw form. Seven perverted hymns to darkness with intro and outro released by Northfire Records. Pro CD 6.99£ / 10.5E / 30z

Helsefyr "Witches' Sabbath" old school swedish black metal. This cd contains two demos of them as well with previous unreleased track. Professional artwork. Released by Summum Malum Records. Pro CD 5.5£ / 10E / 25z


Hordes of the Apocalypse "Anti-human propaganda" V/A 14 hordes of black metal on one disc. Minimalistic release by ChristFuck Productions. Pro CD 4.99£ / 8E / 25z

Impvreza / Arsonist / Sudden Death/ Ingugirating Oblivion "Reincremation" split of four death metal bands from France, Sweden and Germany. More than 50 minutes of brutal music. Released in slimcase by Nihilistic Holocaust. CD-R 2.5£ / 3.5E / 12z

Kosa "Evilabsorbtion" raw BM with cold feeling from Ukraine. Great graphics combined with music on high level! Released by Propaganda. Pro CD 6.99£ / 10.5E / 30z

Kronos "The hellenic terror" third album of technical death masters from France! Bow down before the hellenic godz and their terror! Released by Xtreem Music. Pro CD 6.99£ / 10.5E / 35z

Lucifugum "Invocation" latest album of these ukrainian Devils! Pure negativity and anti-human propaganda! Released by Propaganda. Pro CD 6.99£ / 10.5 E / 28z


Manwe "First Battle" battle ambient with inspiration Tolkien. Side project of Hugin from Uruk-Hai. CD-R 2.5£ / 3.5E / 12z

Obscuro "Frintelsen r Nra" third demo of swedish minimalists. Great demo of this satanic horde! Pro CD-R 3£ / 4.5E / 12z

Occidens "Glorification of the Antichrist" - striking from depths of Chile this band shows true declaration of unholy warfront! CD released by Deathgasm Records. 6.99£ / 10.5E / 35z

Nokturne "Ordo Tormentum Extremist Reich" - American war machine of black metal. No mercy and fucking peace declarations, just WAR! CD-R 2.5£ / 4E / 8,5z

Nuklear Antikrist "S.N.D." Four tracks of War Black Metal by this polish horde plus an intense cover of Marduk "502" will desecrate your minds! Total fucking blasphemy and atomic worship! CD-R 3.5£ / 4.5E / 14z



Terror Cult Zine 01 - 28 A4 pages full of black metal interviews and reviews. Corpus Christii, Thornspawn, Kapein, Defixio, Cold Empire, Begrime Exemious, Enshadowed, Ash, Helslakt, Svartthron and about 30 reviews. 1.5£ / 3E / 6.5z

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